The Hacker's Browser

Vimium is a browser extension which provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of the Vim editor. Watch this video to get a feel for how it works:



Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigating the page

  1. jScroll down
  2. kScroll up
  3. ggScroll to the top of the page
  4. GScroll to the bottom of the page
  5. dScroll a half page down
  6. uScroll a half page up
  7. hScroll left
  8. lScroll right
  9. rReload the page
  10. yyCopy the current URL to the clipboard
  11. pOpen the clipboard's URL in the current tab
  12. POpen the clipboard's URL in a new tab
  13. iEnter insert mode
  14. vEnter visual mode
  15. giFocus the first text input on the page
  16. fOpen a link in the current tab
  17. FOpen a link in a new tab
  18. gfSelect the next frame on the page
  19. gFSelect the page's main/top frame

Using find

  1. /Enter find mode
  2. nCycle forward to the next find match
  3. NCycle backward to the previous find match

Using the vomnibar

  1. oOpen URL, bookmark or history entry
  2. OOpen URL, bookmark or history entry in a new tab
  3. bOpen a bookmark
  4. BOpen a bookmark in a new tab
  5. TSearch through your open tabs

Navigating history

  1. HGo back in history
  2. LGo forward in history

Manipulating tabs

  1. tCreate new tab
  2. JGo one tab left
  3. KGo one tab right
  4. g0Go to the first tab
  5. g$Go to the last tab
  6. ytDuplicate current tab
  7. xClose current tab
  8. XRestore closed tab


  1. ?Show help


For the latest release notes, more advanced shortcuts, and how to create custom keybindings, see the README.